Saturday, October 31

Cards for Bekah!!

Hello my friends!! I hope you are having a great day. Did you know that October is Spina Bifida Awareness Month?? Well, maybe you didn't, but now you do. Why am I asking you this? Well, my neighbor, who is a sweet and wonderful little girl, was born with this condition. Her name is Rebekah, she is 7 years old and a great kid. When Nicole (her mom) told me about Spina Bifida Awareness Month I asked her if she was planning to do something. Immediately, an idea came to my mind, why not send Bekah a lot of cards?? I hope you can help me to make her feel really special. I remember few weeks ago I was talking to Nicole and she was telling about Bekah's comments , she told her mom she would love to meet people like her.


Here is what Nicole says about Spina Bifida:

October is Spina Bifida Awareness month.
Rebekah is a bouncy, talkative, happy little girl who has never let anything stop her. What's so different about Bekah? She has Spina Bifida.

Spina Bifida is a neural tube defect that happens in the first month of pregnancy when the spinal column doesn't close completely.

The effects of Spina Bifida are different for every person. Up to 90 percent of children with the worst form of Spina Bifida have hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain) and must have surgery to insert a “shunt” that helps drain the fluid. The shunt stays in place for the lifetime of the person. Other conditions include full or partial paralysis, bladder and bowel control difficulties, learning disabilities, depression, latex allergy, and social issues.

Thanks to new medical treatments and technology, most people born with Spina Bifida can expect to live a normal life. People with Spina Bifida have many special challenges because of their birth defect, but their condition does not define who they are. People with Spina Bifida have careers, get married, and have children just like people who do not have Spina Bifida.

As a parent of a child with Spina Bifida I cannot put into words how blessed I feel that the Lord brought her into our lives. That He would feel me worthy to be the mother of one of his special children is humbling and I thank Him daily for the blessing he has bestowed me.

Thanks so much for your help!!


  1. Hi Giovana, I will certainly make little Bekah a card this weekend. Please email me at: with the mailing address sometime this weekend. God bless you for being an angel to this sweet little girl.

  2. count me in - would love to make her a card but it won't be until Saturday. Please email me at her mailing address and I will have the card in the mail to her Monday!
    thank you for sharing her and for being a blessing to her and her family!!!

  3. I would love to send Bekah a card.
    My first beautiful baby (her name was Renee) was born with Spina Bifida and only lived 2 month. That was 40 years ago. I have since had three other healthy children. Renee's younger brother, died 10 yrs. ago in an accident. I too, have felt blessed to have had Renee. I got to know her very well in the two short months she was on earth. God is good and He is the Blessed controller of all things.
    If you email me her address I will get a card to her soon.
    Thank you for letting us know about Bekah and the card shower for her.
    Pattyjo :+)

  4. Will get a card in the mail today. Thanks for sharing the story about Bekah and for bringing attention to Spina Bifada.


  5. Hi sister: What a great idea to cheer Bekah up. Good idea to make some cards with the girls this weekend, I am not an expert like you about Cards but we will try our best.Blessings.

  6. Hi Giovana,

    What a great thing you are doing! I'll be sending a card for sure. And... had no idea you were in Yakima... we drive through there to get over to Walla Walla where my sister and Dad live.

  7. Hi, Giovana,

    I'm posting your request on my blog in the morning, and I'll link to this post, okay? {{{Big hugs!}}} You're a blessing!

  8. Good morning from the UK Giovana.
    I will send you a card for Bekah.
    She's a real cutie and I hope she gets lots of pretty cards to cheer her up and let her know people care.
    Love and hugs xxx

  9. I just stopped by here from Debbie's blog. Yes, I would love to send a card to Bekah. I'll spread the word too.

  10. I would be honored to participate! Our card will be in the mail first thing Tuesday morning! :o)

  11. This is so sweet of you Giovana! I will get a card in the mail :o)

  12. Giovana, I know all about Spina Bifida. My 9 year old niece has it. She in parlized from the waist down and has had over 30 surgerys 11 just on the brain. She also has a trek and G-tube. But doing GREAT!
    I would love to make Bekah a card. Pleas email me at And I bet Ginny would love to make her one too.

  13. What a great way to maybe bringing as smile to someone you don't even know. Yes I will make a card...please pass it on!

  14. Mailing out today, Giovana! Great job and Bekah is lucky to have a neighbor like you :)

    Janna :)

  15. Hi Giovana! I'm sending my card today and I finally got my post up (sorry for the delay)

    Cards for Bekah

  16. Hi Giovana,
    What a sweet thing for you to do. I arrived here via Debbie's blog. I have addressed and stamped my card and I will put it in the mail tomorrow morning.

  17. My card will be mailed off soon (just need to make a trip to the P.O.) Hugs!

  18. Hi hun!! I will get a card out to you very shortly!! What a sweetie and you are so thoughtful for doing this!! BIG HUGS to you all!!

  19. I am going to ask my card swappers to make an extra card for her and I will send them. Our swaps aren't due til Nov. 1, so I will send them after that. But hopefully, she will enjoy them then.

  20. Hi Geovana, I will make a card for Bekah too. I had a birth defect in my spine too. I understand the challenges she faces. But the up side is, I had my 60th birthday in January, and I'm still walking! I'll pray for Bekah, and your family.

  21. My daughter also was born with spina bifida she is 10 years old and a very bright and intelligent little girl her name is Hannah, what a BLESSING she has been in our

  22. Hi Giovana!

    So sorry that I am not getting my card in the mail until today. I have a Halloween card for Bekah! Such a great thing you are doing.


  23. Hi Giovana! I shall get on with a card for Bekah, and will post this info on my blog for you too.
    Hugs Shelly :)

  24. Finally mailing out today!!!
    thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  25. I sent Bekah a card and a pack of cards for her to give out to her friends/family. I hope you get the package and that she likes it!

  26. I have made a card and am just finally getting it in the mail today. This is a wonderful thing. So glad to help make a beautiful girl smile!