Monday, November 17

I am back!!!

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great day. I am back from my trip to the West side to WA State and I haven't had time to ink my fingers yet. I think after a week without stamping my MOJO decided to have a break, too sad. Last week my posts were set up and it has been a very sad week. We attended a funeral last Wednesday, very sad time, Rebecca was asking so many questions about it, it was her first time attending a funeral. We tried our best to answer all her questions and I think we did a good job. Last Thursday we visited my FIL, it was a very hard moment for us, he has Alzheimer and his health condition is not the best. We were happy to find him awake, we talked to him and he looked at us trying to say something. He spends more of his time sleeping and most of time he is awake only for his meals.
Rebecca sang a couple of songs and he looked content. It was a really hard moment for my husband. we live in the other side of the Mountains, so it is very hard to make trips very often.

On Saturday I did a lot of laundry, I was exhausted and then my husband told me he wasn't feeling very good. Saturday night my poor husband couldn't breath and started coughing. Sunday, he spent most of his day sleeping, I think he got a cold (a really bad one). He called this morning to the Medical Center and our primary doctor is not there today and also the receptionist told him he is not on the system, WHAT!!??!! He has been there before, so he has to wait until tomorrow.

Anyway, I hope I can find some time to stamp today. Don't forget about the Paper Craft Magazine Give Away, just check my Wednesday and Thursday posts for details.

Have a great day
God bless you



  1. Hi Giovana! I'm glad you are back. In today's mail I received the nicest assortment of card making supplies! Thank you so much!
    My MIL suffered from Alzheimers, and we lived 1100 miles away. The visits were infrequent and difficult but so necessary. It kind of seemed like she knew us, but that didn't matter. She was very well cared for; it was reassuring.
    A couple of years ago we hosted Thanksgiving for our large immediate family, as we will again this year. I always make place cards, a prayer card for the center of the table, and did one time made a menu card for all. I haven't started this years, but I am sending a scan of the place cards from a couple of years ago. My very young grandaughters helped me color them. I will email 2 of them for your amusement.

  2. Hi Giovana. It sounds like you have had a tough week. Sending {{{hugs}}} and hope you are taking care of yourself as well as your sick hubby.