Thursday, September 11

God bless America

Hello friends! Today is a day that we will never forget. I remember I went to the store after my English class at the American Institute (in Peru), I always took the 7-9 am class so then I could head to work or home  and have extra time to do other things. That day I didn't have to go to work, went to the store to get a card for my future husband, got to home and my sister was crying, a lot of chaos everywhere.  Today, I remembered, I prayed and I cried for all of one who lost their love ones that day, I can not image the pain.

So, today I want to share a very special card, this one uses a brand new stamp from Crafter's Companion "Statue of Liberty" 
This card is super simple, it was colored with Spectrum Noir Markers and Pencils. The sentiment was colored with pencils and die-cut using a circle die. I added stitches and voila!!

Here is the list of Spectrum Noir markers and pencils I used:

Statue of Liberty: TB1, TB2, TB3, TB4, GT1, GB5
Bricks: EB1, EB2, TN2, BG3
Trees: CG1, DG2, CG4
Dots: LY2
Spectrum Nor Pencils: 016 (Outline)
Sentiment was colored with: CR6, TB4

Hope you like it!
God bless America.


  1. I love your card. Thanks!! God Bless the USA

  2. Your card is just beautiful Giovanna! I remember that day too - I woke to the news on the radio, but had to go to work. I was so absorbed with trying to process what I was hearing on the radio, that I stopped in the middle of an intersection, oblivious to the cars tooting their horns at me for a few seconds. It was a tragic event, but we must hope that goodness will prevail, especially now, when the way of life that all free people cherish, is so threatened. God bless us all! Ann (Australia)