Tuesday, September 20

Operation Julie's Smile .

Hello my friends! If you are on Facebook you may know about Julie Ranae's dental situation, but if you are not, let me share what she is going through now.

Taken from Julie's blog

Many of you may have heard that I recently
had to have emergency oral surgery which resulted
in the removal of my front teeth.
As a child, I struggled with brittle teeth due to
some health concerns and my parents did all
they could to ensure that I went into adult-hood
with the best teeth possible.  Unfortunately with age,
the brittle teeth became a problem again and well,
long story short, the dentist recommended that
I bite the bullet and have them all replaced.

I made the appointment, had the consultation
and was handed a piece of paper that said to
bring $4,000 with me to have the rest of the teeth 
taken out.  I was in shock because the dentist made
reference to the idea that 'it could all be worked out' ; )

Well, here I am today, missing front teeth (and a few others)
and being frustrated because I believed that this was
a procedure that would be taken care of quickly.
The unfortunate thing, is that THAT amount was JUST for the
removal of the rest of my teeth...it does not account
for the 'permanent teeth' that would need to be put in place.

When my teammate Nicole Rixon of
heard what had happened, she contacted not only
our design team, but a variety of other friends
and teammates of mine and the following was born...

There will be a benefit blog hop called 
'Operation Julie's Smile' 
that will take place Oct 7-9.  
There are a variety of
companies and design teams who will be participating 
in this hop to help raise funds for this benefit. 
So far, nearly $1000 in prizes have been made available and will be awarded for both participants 
and those who donate. 

Every little bit helps and each donation that
comes in makes it possible for me to regain
a true smile...whatever your part in our
event, I thank you from the
bottom of my heart.....

If you would like to donate, please click on the Donate button, every little bit helps.
Thanks so much!
God bless.

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  1. Oh Giovana...what a blessing to have you share this with your readers...and then to come by just when Third Day is sharing the words 'You are Beautiful my sweet sweet song'....I know he is singing of our Lord, but for the moment it reminds me of how my Father sees me!

    Thank you for being a support in this awkward time in my life and I love you for it!