Monday, September 19

Fun Canvas Picture "My monkey doodle"

Check out these awesome canvas pictures!

Few weeks ago I got an e-mail from Easy Canvas Print to do a product review on their custom canvas prints. It was so cool to know that I could choose my favorite picture and they were use it to make it into canvas to do the review. I chose a picture of my Becca, it was taken last year at our church Baptism Day. She was climbing trees like a monkey and I got this picture that day.

The process to get  your picture into canvas is really easy!! You just have to upload your picture and choose the size you want. I decided to choose a 8" x 10". Once I uploaded the photo and chose the thickness, it was done.  Seriously, it was super duper easy.

I received the Canvas Print last Friday. My daughter was so intrigued to know what it was. I was napping, so she had to wait until I got up, LOL. After that, I told her it was her Christmas present and she couldn't see it yet (laugh inserted), she ran to daddy to let him know she had a Christmas present already. After too much laugh I opened the box and showed it to her. Her first reaction was a big hug and kiss to mama!! then she couldn't stop looking at it, she still says it is beautiful.

I think that's what you're going to think if you see your photo printed on a canvas.
I put the picture on my Peruvian spot in my living room. Love the colorful blanket I bought so many years ago when I worked at a Hospital in the Peruvian Mountains and the beautiful Inca Vase.

 Well, let me show the pretty canvas!

I highly recommend that you check the Easy Canvas Prints website and see for yourself .  I don't think you will be disappointed.


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