Wednesday, September 28

Card Drive for Kids "Meet Madison"

Today, we are meeting Madison, a beautiful little girl with the most awesome red hair.

This is what her mommy has to say about her:

Madison is a precious little girl, 2 years old. Her birthday is Feb. 24, 2009. She has spina bifida and uses a wheelchair and even at the age of 2 she can get around really well. She also crawls and climbs and plays and is very active and happy.
Madison is adopted. She is our 10th and last child. We were not really looking to adopt but it seems God sent her right to us. I believe it was all part of His plan. She brings us so much joy. She is such a sweet happy baby. She loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Barney. She loves to go to church. She loves her brothers and sisters. She has beautiful curly red hair and the sweetest smile .
 God Bless You, Fran


  1. So very precious. We have some dear friends, missionaries to Brazil, whose daughter was born with spinal bifida. Something that was so heart touching was her singing, "I'm special". A few of the words are...I'm special to Jesus,there is no one else like me. I wouldn't trade places with anyone else,I'm special you see. God has prepared a task he wants me to do,I'm special i'm special you see.

  2. Dear Giovana,What a special person you are to get crafters to spend some time in making cards to bring a smile to a childs face.May you be blessed for your efforts.I just got finished visiting all the blogs and now I am about to start making my cards for these dear precious angels and their families.

    I know the importance of caring and sending a card to cheer up a child is a perfect way to do that.I lost my son David to cancer in Dec.2005 and I still have each and everyone of the cards that were sent to us.David was only 26.
    Yes,it is sure heartbreaking.I take one day at a time.Sincerely,Sandra Hess