Tuesday, September 27

Card Drive for Kids "Meet Logan"

Hello my friends! Hope you are having a great day. This week I will start showing you some kids that are adorable, funny, inteligent and they have something in common "Spina Bifida".

October is Spina Bifida Awareness Month and this year I am expanding the Card Drive for Kids to 4 awesome kids. Every day I will introduce you to one kid, know a little bit more about him/her and family.

Today we meet Logan:

About Logan and our family- There's Adam- Dad -30 years old, Mom (Me) Tiffany -25 years old, Big Brother- Alex who is 5 years old and then we have Logan who is 2 years old, turning 3 years old on October 17th! Big brother is in Preschool and Logan is at home with mommy! I am Stay-at-Home Mom and love every minute of it! We live in Oklahoma. Logan was born October 17th, 2008 in Oklahoma City. He was born with Spina Bifida: Myelomeningocele, Congenital Hyrdrocephalus, Chiari II Malformation and Hydronephrosis of the left kidney. He has a VP shunt, Asthma and G.E.R.D. He's had 7 surgeries since birth and is enrolled for Physical Therapy twice a week. But, despite all of that, Logan is one of the happiest little boys you will ever meet and he is doing wonderfully!!! Always smiling and full of laughter. He's our ray of sunshine and true miracle from God! He Loves Ni Hao Kai-lan, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and has recently developed a love for The Little Einsteins! Logan loves music, his favorite song is "Twinkle, twinkle little star" or anything that momma sings to him! The floor is his territory and he loves to roll where ever he pleases! Logan commando crawls, EVERYWHERE and he has finally reached that age of mischief! Logan loves to be involved in everything that his big brother does and often causes trouble with his big brother because he is so intrigued! ;-);-) He enjoys sitting up and he loves to get his hands on anything easily grasped, reading books and playing patty cake! Logan is a momma's boy all the way and he has become a master at giving hugs & kisses and cuddling! But most of all, Logan knows that he is loved by his family!! (He tends to eat that up a bit!) We thank God for him every singe day...

You can know more about him and his family visiting his mommy's blog HERE

Logan and his big brother :)

Logan and some of the cards he received last year :)
Thanks so much!
God bless.


  1. Thank you so much for this opportunity again, Giovana!! We are so excited!!! <3

  2. Hi! Happened on your blog and see this adorable face and card drive, but no information where to send cards? :) Kathy

  3. Wish I could reach through the screen and hug him. Somebody has a birthday soon. Happy birthday!

  4. Oh my goodness what a total sweetheart. His smile is so awesome he sure made me smile.