Friday, September 30

Card Drive for Kids "Meet Rebekah"

Hello my friends!! Today, I am presenting to you to  Rebekah!! You have seen her here few times before,she is my neighbor and my daughter Becca's BFF.

You can read about her over here and here, from her mom's own words.

Today, I am writing something about her, why? because I asked her mom if I could do it and she says SURE!!

I met Bekah and her family a couple of weeks after we moved into our new house. I am a very reserved person, so making new friends was not in my plans, what I had in my head was to empty all my moving boxes and have everything clean.
One day, we stopped by Beka's house and I met her family (my husband already did when we where building the house), Nicole and I had a good conversation and the girls were playing. Then we talked about Bekah and her Spina Bifida condition, I was very surprised because she could walk, talk and be loud as any other girl :)

I have to confess I love Bekah very much, she is like the sister my daughter doesn't have, they play, argue, cry and have fun together, that is awesome!!! They became friends since they met and still great friends! I love having her for sleepovers, playing time or just when Nicole and I have get together just to talk. I have learned from her and I have witnessed some awesome things. Bekah had an accident once and burned her ankle and she didn't feel anything, when I found out I felt the pain and my Becca too.

They take the school bus together, talk on the phone everyday, just to know what they are having for dinner, LOL. They go to AWANA together, and although they are in different classes they just like to go together, thanks Nicole!!!

I don't want to get emotional, but I am.

I can tell so many things about her, but the most amazing thing she is a sweet girl, with a big heart, loves the Lord and is great child, friend and sister.

Here is Bekah and my Becca !! They are always smiling :)

Come back tomorrow to find out more about the Card Drive and also the chance to win awesome prizes!!!

Thanks so much!
God bless!!


  1. She has the sweetest smile!!! :-)

  2. How fun for your daughter to have someone like her to be friends with.I'm sure they will have lots of memories growing up togehter.

  3. They even look like sisters!! What a blessing for your daughter.

  4. that made me think of a little girl we had in our AWANA club years ago. She was wheelchair bound but the other girls rallied to her aid - even pushing her chair around the game circle so she could play too.

    P.S. My husband and I serve on the ministry team in Northern Michigan. We bleed red, blue, green and yellow! :)

  5. What a very sweet precious girl who is blessed to have such a special friend. Children can be so sweet and amazing. I can't help but think an wonder who is the biggest blessing. Rebekah or her best friend. Its great, through the eyes of a child!

  6. Dear Giovana,Thank you for telling me about Rebecca.Knowing a little about her gives me a better idea of how to make a card for her.Sandra Hess