Thursday, October 23

Prayer request for Marcus

Today, browsing into blogland I stopped at Melanie's blog, "Hands, head and heart" and when I was just enjoying all her creations I rolled down and I found this post that touch my heart. I realized how blessed we are having our love ones around us with good health and happiness. Many time we take everything for granted.
I read about Marcus and my heart cried, he has terminal brain cancer, he is blind and partial paralyzed, he knows he is leaving this earth soon, he loves to listen music and loves Batman. I am just writing this to keep in your prayers, I don't know him neither his family, but in our blog land we all are friends and support each other.
You can read more about Marcus and also his cousin Jessica, who has cancer as well, at Nancy's blog Are we having fun yet.

God bless you
Have a great day
Don't forget to give a hug and tell your love one you care and love.

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  1. Thank you for posting this - I have Marcus & his family in my prayers.
    Bless you you for caring:-)
    Sunshine NZ