Monday, October 13


Twenty two years ago October 13th was a Monday. I remember that day very well, I went to school, I had a lot of homework and my youngest sister was rehearsing for an especial act. Everything look pretty normal with the exception my mom was at the hospital, in the ICU.

That day after school my dad looked very sad looked like he was crying, he saw me and told me my mom was in very critical condition and he needed to go to the hospital. And came back to school to pick up my sister and my brother took us to my grandma's house. I was doing my homework and we received the call,... my mom passed away. I was only 13, just twenty days before my 14th b'day. Today I am remembering my mom, I would say I remember her every day, but a day like today she went to heaven 22 years ago.

I know she is always in my heart,
she never met her grand kids,
but I always talk about her with my daughter.
She was a great wife, mother and friend
Always the best,
Always my mom.

I miss you mom... Always


  1. God bless you with sweet memories & comfort any sadness!

  2. How sweet of you to pay tribute to her, and I am sorry this happened to you. Bless you, big hugs!!

  3. Even now, I am sorry for your loss. I'm glad the memories you have of your mom are still warm and bright, and I'll be praying that God will continue to give comfort as you remember the "unhappy."

  4. What a difficult thing to deal with as a teenager - and even now, as you're now a mother yourself. It's a lovely card, and a lovely tribute.

  5. What a beautiful card to give tribute to your mom. Well wishes and comfort are sent your way. Thanks for the package. It really made my day.

  6. So sorry this has happen. big hugs.