Monday, March 31

Just a note...

to say I am not feeling in a good mood today, just say I am feeling under the weather. I hope I feel better later.
I started reading my older posts and I wonder if is worthy to spend some time writing posts, editing and downloading pictures. I think most of the 3,000 and something visitors, maybe 75% is me checking IF anybody left a comment.
I really like my blog and it is like a escape for me and do what I like. I also want to apologize for all the grammar mistakes and typos you find here. I am not the perfect English speaker and probably never would be. I speak perfect Spanish and I am very proud of it. I realized that my daughter talks a little bit like me (and I don't speak the perfect English) and that makes me a little bit sad, why you say? Because ....
I have a mix of feelings today, I want to cry and I want to do nothing, but I have a child and I am a wife too, so I have to keep myself up and do what I have to do.
I miss my family and I wish to be there with them, they are a lot of fun.

Anyway, I hope my mood change later. I started cross stitching again, maybe I will finish my project and post a picture, maybe somebody will like it.

Thanks again if anybody reads this.

God bless


  1. I'm sorry that you feel that way ~ I was feeling a bit down & very lonely just this past Saturday ~ but you must keep on believing in your wonderful family & in yourself ~ do not let anyone else get you down! Phewy on the person who commented on your English ~ I dare say you speak better than some people born & raised here!

    I enjoy all the items you share both here & SCS although I don't always comment.

    Feel better! My thoughts are with you!

  2. I hope you feel much better! It's easy for us to get "down" from the things that happen in life, but God has promised He will always be there for us in the good times & in the bad ones, too! I heard a good piece of advice long ago: "Look at your problems through Christ, not at Christ through your problems." May God bless you with a good week & I pray that He will show you through something you see or hear that He is always faithful!

  3. I hope you are feeling better. I just found your blog. Your cards are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your talent!

  4. I sure hope that tomorrow will be a better day for you! You are so lucky to be able to speak two languages! I can't even speak one correctly!!! I just came across your blog recently and have enjoyed looking at your creations. You just don't how many people you touch!

  5. Giovana,
    I am just reading your blog this morning, April 1st, before going to work. I've already asked God to lift you up today - and I know He will.
    I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and am in awe of how creative your work is and I have also been inspired by your love for God and others.
    As Denise said earlier, some of us cannot speak one language properly! How blessed you are to be able to speak and understand two! And, to be able to pass that along to your children - what a blessing! If you only knew how many times I thought about trying to learn Spanish, thinking that I could then maybe go on a mission trip to South America or to even converse with the many Spanish speaking people here in the U.S.!
    So, shake the dust off and carry on like the awesome lady that God made you to be! :)