Tuesday, March 18

Happy Birthday Rebecca!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last few days, I've been busy with some yard projects. Goodness I tried to stamp, but I ended up very tired that the only thing I wanted to do was SLEEP!!!
Anyway, today is my Little Rebecca's Birthday. She is 4!!!!!!! LOL. She woke up at 5:55 am, I was in the kitchen making breakfast for DH and the first thing she did was to stop in front of her presents and say nothing, LOL. I picked her up and sang the Happy Birthday song, she was very happy and then she said, Mommy Can I open my presents???? I said Not Yet, you should wait for daddy, he will be here soon, of course that didn't help much, she asked for her daddy many times until finally he came into the living room. She gave daddy a big hug and asked if she could open her presents. We made her wait for almost 20 minutes!!!!! We were teasing her and the only thing she wanted to do was OPEN PRESENTS!!!!!! LOL

Finally she opened them all, it was a very happy moment to see her happy. I am very blessed to have her. She is a wonderful little girl, sometimes a little crazy, a great talker but the best of all she loves us and she loves God, she says praises and prays for us.

God bless you Rebecca. I haven't taken any pictures of her yet, but here 2 just being silly.

EDITED TO ADD: My good friends from the Wish RAK group have sent Rebecca beautiful Birthday cards and I want to share their creation with you.

Thanks you ladies, Rebecca is very happy!!!

Card sent by Stephanie

Card sent by Sandy

Card sent by Kathy

Card sent by Pat

Card sent by Kelly

Card sent by Monika

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