Friday, February 22

Diamond Folded Card Tutorial.

I read the comments you left here about my diamond folded card ( I just named the card that way) and I decided to make a tutorial. First I want to thanks Jeanne Dillihaunt, who is my SU Demonstrator, for teaching me how to make this quick and easy card. I will try my best on this, I am not too good giving directions in Spanish so believe sometimes is a lot worst in English, any questions just send me an e-mail and I will answer your doubts.
So, here I start:
Materials I used:
  • 1 piece of 7.5" x 7.5" of DP.
  • 1 piece of coord. CS 4 3/8" x 4 3/8" ( for the back of your card)
  • 1 piece of CS 3 2/8" x 2 2/8 ( for the front of your card)
  • Embellishments (if you want)
  • Stamps (I used Baby Jesus is Born)

Fold your DP diagonally (DP facing up)

Turn your DP facing down and fold them vertically (both sides)

After that , your DP is going to look like this.

Turn your DP facing in, and put the folded lines together.

Press them together, it will look like this.

Then, fold the square in half, it will look like this.

Adhere the main piece of cardstock in the back, and the small in your front, You can decorate as you want.
I used for the back blue and light blue CS and for the front light blue, cream and blue.

After the decoration your card will look like this.

Your card when opened will look like this.

I hope you like and if you try it, leave a comment, I will love to see your creations.

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