Monday, February 25

Some news

Hello everyone,
I have been pretty quiet here, I haven't stamped at all last weekend. Saturday I spent good time with my family. Yesterday, we went to church and to Red Robin for lunch. After that we went to Craft Warehouse and I got some nice Designer Paper for 0.15 and 0.20 piece, yessssss, they were 75% off .
Last night I cut a lot of felt and I created my own felt flowers. I cut more than 70 flowers in 4 different colors, I really want to use them for my cards.
Last 2 days I had cramps and no too much energy for anything. I promise I will come back tomorrow with a card to show you.
Ok, now good news. I had my doctor's appointment today I had the results for the CT Scan I had a week ago, it shows nothing wrong. Doctor is not sure why I still having the lump and the cause is unknown, but it is not malign.
Now, for a while I don't want to see more doctors, I need a break LOL, I've seen them to many times in just a couple of months.

I hope you had a great weekend and I'll come back tomorrow.

God bless you

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