Saturday, February 9


Last night, I tried Laura'a basket tutorial, you can find it here:, it is easy to make, especially if you have good lighting, I don't, LOL, this room has very poor lighting, but I tried it anyway.
The waiving took me forever :(, but at the end I figured it out. I used some thin ribbon at the bottom (because my thin paper broke , ops my fault).
I used handmade paper , it is very thick and I think looks pretty.
I hope you like it.
God bless.


  1. This is gorgeous, Giovanna! I love it with the handmade paper. How exciting! You are the first one to get one done! Thanks so much for sharing! Hugs, Laura

  2. It looks really pretty! You did a great job!

  3. Super job, especially with the handmade paper! I bet it's very sturdy. Thanks for sharing.