Monday, April 6

Hello my friends!! and some Candy for you

This blog candy is now closed, the winner has been picked!!
Thanks so much.

Happy Monday everyone, I hope your day is happy and bright. Today, I don't have anything to show you, it started just as any other day and ended up doing some yard work!! WHAT?!?! I was not planning at all doing any yard work, I just planned to do some projects with DD as our homeschool class, we were starting our pots and putting some seeds to start indoors, of course I explained and did most of the job, but DD was happy, (yes, not math or spelling class, she was a happy girl).
Then I saw some weeds (well, a lot, LOL) so I had my rake and started raking, after a while I had a pile of weeds waiting to be moved into the burn pile, i was getting tired, feeling the heat in my face and body. I decided I should stop and get inside because I was HUNGRY!!! Yes, it was 1:10pm!!! DD was playing on the computer, (did I say playing on the computer???), I drank some water and made some yummy BBQ sandwiches (I love leftovers).

I planned to do some stamping, (BTW MY great friend and neighbor Nicole brought me today tons of stamps!!! Thanks so much Nicole and Gary.) but I am soooooo tired and decided better start my dinner and get ready to take DD to her swim lesson.

Hey, don't go yet!! I have some CANDY for you!!! Do you love CANDY???? I bet you do!! Last week I received the most beautiful Card stock Design Paper from My Mind's Eye and I want to share some with you!!! I just noticed I passes the 20,000 visitors!!! So cool!! Just leave me a comment telling me what are you planning for Easter and I will include your name in the drawing, easy peasy :) :) You have until Saturday 9pm. More chances to win, announce my blog candy on your blog and post another comment here.

I will post the picture of my Blog Candy later!! You will not be disappointed.

ETA: This is my Blog Candy for you!!! The paper standing is from Out & About and the one laying is from Just Dreamy Collection, both from My Mind's Eye, this is not just paper is Card Stock with glitter!!

Have a great day.

This blog candy is now closed!! Thanks!!


  1. Good morning, Giovana! What wonderful neighbors you have who brought you more stamps. I can't wait to see what you create with them....
    DH and I are spending the Easter weekend with our daughters and 7 of our grandkids. They live about 1-1/2 hours away from us, so we will stay overnight with one of them. Easter morning we will all go to church together and celebrate our Risen Lord! One of my favorite hymns is "Jesus Christ is Risen Today!" It is such a thrill to sing it loudly and with such great JOY.....

  2. Hi Giovana! Just checked out your lovely card for Dawn's color challenge. It is wonderful! I am planning on visiting my Mom and Dad with my hubby and little ones for Easter. An Easter egg hunt for the kids in my parent's back yard is always fun. Hopefully it doesn't rain. Sunday we'll go to mass. Just a relaxing day. Enjoy your week. :) Thank you for having this drawing.

  3. Hi giovanna!!No se como llegué a tu blog... hermoso todo!! y genial el blog candy! hace poco estuve en Perú (porque mi mamá es peruana :D), por cierto esta cada vez más lindo! Saludos desde Argentina. Agus lol

  4. :D me olvide de poner mis planes para pascuas. Mañana a la mañana me voy a ir con mis papas a Chile unos poquitos días para hacer algo diferente y el sábado nos volvemos y nos tomamos dos días de descanso! Feliz pascuas!! Agus

  5. Gorgeous paper and congrats on reaching the 20K mark on your blog! For Easter I will be going to church and then out to lunch with some friends.

  6. Wow!! I should put a counter on my blog. It would probably depress me that no one much looks!! I love reading your blog and looking at the beautiful things you create. For Easter weekend, I will enjoy having Friday off work (I am a teacher) to sleep late and goof off and do a little work. Friday evening I am having friends over for Finish It Friday in my little scrapbooking shop to play. My daughter will possibly get to go to the skating rink if she keeps up her good attitude and her homework. Saturday I will goof off and enjoy another day of not getting up early. Sunday I will go to church and contemplate the loss of my Sunday School teacher while I lead my classmates. I am sure the Easter Bunny will drop by with a basket of eggs for my daughter to hide and find in our big back yard. I love having a holiday where I get to stay home and relax.
    Have a beautiful Easter!

  7. I love your chick Easter card. It would be great for a child. We will be spending a family day at home on Easter.


  8. Giovana, that is some terrific paper. I love it. Hmm, what am I doing for Easter? Well, Easter will be tough for me this year, we always celebrate Easter just as much as Christmas, so it is a big deal in our house, but this will be my first year without my son here with me. My heart is already hurting just thinking about it. I have some plans,we go to church in the morning, then we will be decorating eggs for Michael, I will still have my children's gifts, and we are going to my inlaw's house for a terrific dinner.
    I pray your Easter is filled with blessings.
    Take care friend, and thank you for the chance for your terrific candy. You can check my side bar, you will be there for all to see.
    Love to you, Leslie

  9. Love your card for the color challenge. Great Job! In the past we have traveled to my brother's family about 2 1/2 hours away. This year we are staying closer to home and visiting my mother. Thanks for the chance to win some great paper!

  10. Hi Giovana,you're so lucky to have a great friend and neighbor who brought you stamps. Can I move next to your house? lol....

    My plan for easter, first thing in the morning we going to church then we go hang out in our friend's house then spend time with family. And I want to do a little surprise for my kids. I altered the egg foam box holder and I bought 12 plastic eggs put some money, candies and some more inside. They have to pick 3 each and see who get the most money or candies.

    Thanks for the chance to win your wonderful blog candy. I LOVE all those papers :)

    Have a wonderful Easter.

  11. Hola Giovana! I'm working the morning ( I know, we have our own business ) then I'm going to spend some time with my Mom. Thanks for the chance to win! Me encanta tu blog ;)

  12. Hello Giovana! My Mind's Eye is the paper I use the most! I love it! Well Easter is one of my favorite holidays! Because it is proof that our Lord lives!! We have a sunrise service at our church on Sunday morning at 6:30, we actually have our service outside and watch the sunrise! It is amazing, it feels like you were there on that morning when they went to the empty tomb! Then we are having breakfast at church, then Sunday school, then our morning service, then lunch with the family! I just love Easter! Hope yours is Blessed too! :)