Wednesday, April 8

New blog banner

Hello my friends, I hope you are having a great day!! Today I tried to stamp, but my inspiration was (and is) in somewhere land, so instead I decided to change my blog banner, here is not snowing anymore, actually is getting really nice!! Finally Spring is here. I don't live close to the ocean, very sad because I love to go to the beach. In Peru the beach is only 20 minutes from my dad's house, super cool!! Anyway, this picture is not from Peru either, LOL. DH took this picture when he was serving in the Persian Gulf. I really like this picture, brings a lot of peace. Amazing is God who created this beauty!!

I hope you like it this way.
Have a great day!! Another swimming lesson day, I am already tired.

God bless


  1. Great photo for your banner! ...and I agree; God is amazing.

  2. Hi Giovana,
    It's been a while since my last visit. You made gorgeous cards, I love them all. WOW! your new banner looks fabulous. I love sunsets :)

    Have a wonderful day!