Wednesday, April 29

Look who came to visit us

Canadian Geese trying to find a place to make a nest. This couple was a lot of fun.

Mamma Bird: That's how we call her. This is the 3rd Spring in a row she is back to make her nest here. The only complain: She is TOO LOUD!!! She starts chirping around 4:00 am and never stops. Her babies thought are always cute, LOL. You can't see it but her eyes are Real RED!!

And last, this critter (as I call them) here you can see only one, but it was a whole family of 8!! This is a Sage Rat Baby, they look cute, but they destroy your yard, well, I can't say I have a nice yard, but we don't want them either.

Oh well, I didn't have a card to show today, so I thought I would share this with you. I took all these pictures with my new camera and I used 20X zoom.

Come back tomorrow and enjoy our First Mothers & Daughters Creations Blog Roll!!! Prizes and challenges everyday.

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  1. 20X ZOOM, I am so jealous!! I love to take pics outside too. The pic on the top of my blo is a woodpecker that was across the street.