Wednesday, October 12

Hope & Thanks!

Hello dear friends! Tonight I made a Pink card. The other day somebody asked me why I didn't talk much about Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I got a bit surprise. I just want everybody to know I DO really care about people with Breast Cancer, in fact I have history of BC in my family and a couple of years ago I had to go and see if I had Breast Cancer, so please don't think I don't care about this. The fact of the matter is a lot of people talk about it, TV, magazines, radio, etc, everything is pink and I think is awesome and few or none talk about other things like Spina Bifida. My goal in life, not only every October, is that many people know what SB is and what to do. I have learned so much about this, not only in Medical school, but being around from people who has it, their families, struggles, stories and victories.

But this card is to honor all the ones that have had, are struggling it with or are going to be diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I honor all of them. It's always HOPE.

The stamps I used for this card are from Stampin' Up " Strength & Hope" The card is really pink, the picture shows it a bit "peachy color", I took the picture a bit late, I will try to post a better one tomorrow :)


I will give this card to my neighbor's mom who is a Breast Cancer Survivor. I do this every year as a Thank you  for all she has done and still does.
Hope you like it.
Have a great night.

PS: Don't forget about the Card Drive for kids "United by Spina Bifida". More than $500.00 in prizes!!


  1. WOW! This is awesome card! Love it! Olena

  2. I am surprised that you received any emails from people asking if you supported Breast Cancer fundraising! I would like to think that every woman (and man) supports this. I agree that there are often other equally deserving charities that due to lower budgets, may not be able to fundraise to the same extent. I am glad that we have people in the world like you who want to share these causes and concerns with others. So sorry if you were hurt by earlier posts.