Wednesday, June 1

Blog for Boobies Blog Hop

Welcome to the 3rd Annual "Blogs 4 boobies" blog hop! This is day 1 of a 7 day event! 
We are so glad that you joined us today. This is a one-of-a-kind-blog (hop)bounce! Every card/project that is show here in the "blogs 4 boobies" blog bounce is up for auction! All of the money raised through the silent auction, on our blogs, will be donated to the Susan G. Komen foundation. Skipping Stones Design is also donating $2 to the cause for EVER stamp set sold during June 1st-14th. SSD is celebrating "Blogs 4 Boobies" with the release of 6 ALL NEW Stamp sets.

There are 3 ways that you can help, and join in on the fundraising!
1. You can help by Shopping!
For every stamp set that you purchase during June 1st through the 14th SSD will donate $2 to the Komen Foundation. 
2. . You can help by *Biding!
Another way you can help us raise money for the Komen Foundation is to *bid on a project or card along the blog bounce(hop). YES! EVERY Single card/project along the blogs for boobies bounce is up for auction. Bidding starts at $5 or more. Your *Bid not only includes the card or project but shipping to your home as well. * See how to place a bid for more detailed instructions.
If you are the highest bidder 7 days after the first post date 8:00 p.m. mountain time then you WIN the card/project that you bid on.
3. You can help by Telling Your Friends.
Help us spread the word about "blogs 4 boobies" the more people that know, the more money we can raise!!!

So today I have 2 cards for this special blog hop! I used the highest materials for these projects and you are bidding for not 1 but 2 cards, These are 5" x 7" with envelopes included.
I used the new Water Media Cards and Color Bursts by Ken Oliver Crafts. So you are getting great cards for this amazing cause!

Here are the cards:
Card #1:

Card #2:

*"How to place a bid on my card/project"
Step #1: 
Find the comment section of the blog that shows the "Blogs 4 boobies" card or project that you want to buy.
Step #2: Once you are in the "blogs 4 boobies" comment section fill in the dollar and cents amount of what you are willing to pay for the card/project. We recommend a starting bid of $5 or more. 
Step #3: Next to your $ bid please type in your email address. During a silent auction bidders sign their name next to their bid. typing your email address is the electronic equivalent of signing your bid. Also it will help the blogger contact you if you are the highest bidder.
Step #4: Watch and wait.
Once you have entered your bid/comment sit back and wait. If someone out bids you then you may bid again. Bidding will continue until June 8th - 8:00 p.m. Mountain time 

Here is the amazing lineup of designers for day 1:

 Connie Mercer
 Ilina Crouse
 Kelly Gettelfinger
 Amy Sheffer
 Deana Benson
  Megan Hoeppner
Giovana Smith
 Stephen Kropf
 Jacquie Marie


  1. Two gorgeous cards! I love the soft colors on the first one, and the butterflies really stand out on the bold colors on your second card!

  2. Giovana, your cards are so pretty!

  3. Your watercolor technique is outstanding...beautiful cards.

  4. These are so gorgeous!! The backgrounds look amazing!! I love the colors!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. Great cards and great designs! Just lovely. A pleasure to hop with you!~Kim K. at My Kraft Kloset

  6. Beautiful cards! I'm so happy to be hopping with you!

  7. Beautiful cards! I'm so happy to be hopping with you!

  8. These are all gorgeous, and the butterflies are stunning

  9. Love the water coloring Breathtaking cards!!!!!

  10. Your cards are all BEAUTIFUL! You sure know how to work with colors! I'll start the bidding at $5. bexcruger at gmail . com

  11. Great cards! I bid $15. nclights7 at gmail dot com

  12. Beautiful cards! I bid $8.

  13. These are just beautiful! Love the first card especially!

  14. Your cards are beautiful. Love your watercoloring effects.
    Kim - Lily Patch Stamps