Monday, June 15

I am back home!!

Hello my friends and happy Monday! After a long week out of town I am back home. I haven't stamped in a week!!! and I feel I need to, LOL. We enjoyed having time with the family in the other side of the mountains. DD enjoyed that a lot, playing her cousins (14 and 18), chasing the cat and dog, going to the park, jumping everywhere, LOL, you get the picture. We attended Jessi's High School Graduation Ceremony and Mandy's Last Concert of the year. We also were there for Grandma's Birthday Party. As you can see it was a great time there. I will post some pictures later. I've done some laundry, but still a lot of things to do, like set up a pool in the backyard, honestly, I don't know if I can do it by myself. In addition of that, I got 2 huge bruises, one moving the trampoline and the other with the door nob, silly me, my leg and arm are green and purple. Oh well.
I will come back later with a project for you!!
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Have a great and blessed day.

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