Sunday, February 1

Blogoversary Candy Time!!!!

This blog candy is now closed. A winner has been chosen. Thanks so much!!!!

Hello my friends!!! Finally I got a good picture of my blog candy. Thanks so much for all your support and sweet comments. Now here is what I have for you:

BasicGrey Granola 6 x 6 Paper Pad
BasicGrey Granola Bitsy Butterfly Stamp Set
Imaginisce Twitterpated - Birdie
smARTworks Do You See What I See? Set
32 pieces of 6x6 handmade Paper. (I haven't made it :)
Alphabet Sticker book.
Silk Leaves
10 yards of Offray Lemon green ribbon .
10 yards of Offray Baby Yellow ribbon.
6 feet of Orange.white ribbon.
4 feet of Green fabric ribbon (really pretty)
3 feet of KI Memories Self Adhesive Ribbon.

So what do you have to do to win? Just leave a comment here telling me what is favorite Valentine moment or what are you planning for Valentine's Day. If you make a post on your blog about my blog candy, come back and let me know so your name will be put in the basket twice. I will keep my blog candy on until February 1st.

Good luck to everyone and thanks for stopping by!!!
God bless you all

PS: I don't have plans for Velentine's Day yet, but DD planned to go to Olympia and visit grandma and her cousins, LOL. Good thing she doesn't drive yet :)

PSS: Scroll down for my new posts, Thanks so much!!


  1. Aloha Giovana,

    WOW! Thank you so much for giving us a chance to win your wondeful blog candy. You are so sweet :) I really LOVE basic Grey and I love your handmade paper looks beautiful.

    I love all your creations, keep up the good works.

  2. Happy Blogoversary Giovana!! :)
    Keep up the awesome job!
    This V-day will just be a romantic and quiet one with the hubby :)

  3. Greetings Giovana!

    Wow I love your ideas on arts and crafts! I used to love art at school, but was never very good at it, but I really enjoy that creative element!
    With Valentines Day fast approaching, I guess this would be the perfect time to try and be experiment with crafts! I have also discovered an alternative way than buying cards in shops (if like me, you art skills look like a two year olds efforts) then this could be a solution!
    This all down to my lovely friend Alice. She sent me an e-Card for Christmas, (she was in New Zealand over the festive season)and I thought it was such a cool way to send greetings, I have now been converted! I have trawled the internet and have found some really cool sites, but my fav one so far is called I found it really easy to use and the best thing is that it's free! Lots of different themes of cards to choose from, and lots of funny, and cute ones too. There is a great application where you can load your own photos and add them to the card.(This is called Face It) I put one of my dad in there and sent it to him, he said it made him smile. You can load different photos of your friends into different cartoon characters! My favorite one is the cartoon of Elvis dancing!
    Just wanted to share my findings with you! Hope you have a good Valentines Day whatever you do!

    Kind Regards,

  4. Hello! HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!! One of my favorite Valentines was when my boyfriend (now my DH) surprizes me by picking me up in a Limo. He had flowers ordered and placed at a table at a restuarant. He even got to play a song on the piano for me! And then we went to a movie... Now days after kids, Valentine Day is not going out of our way. Probably go for Supper. Thanks for the awesome chance to win the awesome candy!!! Kathy Hering...

  5. I have a link on my blog for your Blogoversary!

  6. Lovely blog candy! Happy Blogoversary! This Valentine's I plan on making a special dinner and getting a movie that me, hubby and the kids can enjoy. That's my favorite thing to do, be together as a family.

  7. I put a link on my blog for your candy too:)

  8. What a wonderful rak there! Those stamps are so way yummy!!!!

    Happy Blogaversary!!! I found you on Mothers and Daughters....cute blog!

    My favorite thing is making up stories about Cupid to my kids and surprising them with little handmade gifts. They get so goofy about valentine's day!

  9. Hi there, Giovana and Happy Blogoversary! What a wonderful basket of goodies you're offering!

    For Valentine's Day, my DH and I invite 3 other couples so there are 8 of us altogether and we have a formal dinner dance at our home.

    We wear tuxes and long dresses, with corsages and boutonnieres, and our college-aged son comes home for the weekend and becomes our waiter and DJ.

    We all share in the cooking and then DS serves us formally (he wears a tux too), and then everyone provides their favorite dance DVD's with a post-it to let him know which tracks to play.

    We have hors d'oevres in front of the fireplace in the LR, eat dinner in the dining room, have dessert and coffee/expresso in the foyer, and have our dance in the great room that DH uses as his home office. (We empty it for the night.)

    This is so much more fun than going out to a crowded restaurant. And we love the opportunity to get all gussied up, too!

    (Seaside Rose at SCS)

  10. Hola Giovana. Congratulations on your blogoversary! I look forward to reading your blog when it appears on my Google Reader. Your stamped creations are always special.
    My most memorable Valentines Day was before we were married, over 45 years ago. DH was in the Navy so I was excited that he could get leave to come see me. We had dinner somewhere I don't remember so long ago. Then he gave me a beautiful fresh water pearl neclace and earrings. I loved them and wore them for 25 years until the airline lost one of our bags; of course, the one that was carrying my jewelry. He has given me lots more jewelry over the years. But I cannot forget the set that was lost.

  11. Thank you for the opportunity to win your fabulous gifts...
    My story is that every year that my DH and I worked for the same firm, I would come in to work to find a teddy bear with a box of chocolates in my chair....the best one was a white girl teddy bear in a red and black teddy outfit...she was absolutely adorable...and of course, I always shared the chocs with my co-workers...needless to say, his valentines were great...and his love is even better. Millie

  12. Happy Blogoversary, Giovana!! You know I have been following you since you started and each day is a JOY! Thanks for the chance to win the goodies!

    Rubber Hugs,

  13. Opps..of course you are linked to my blog, too!


  14. Happy Blogoversary!!! Hope you have a wonderful year!

  15. Happy anniversary Giovana!! I have been working on your tea party challenge today. It was a fun challenge.

  16. A blessed blogoversary to you! My husband and I will be serving at a soup kitchen for our Valentine celebration. Love is giving to others. Kathy Mc

  17. Hi Giovana,
    I forgot to mention about my favorite Valentine moment. My Valentine moment was our first time Valentine's day with hubby and he gave me this huge bear, roses, cards and a wonderful dinner.

    I link you in my blog.

    Have a wonderful day!


  18. It's your blogaversary too??? How crazy! Mine will be this week! We must have all had the same idea at the same time! Hehe! Anyway, thanks so much for the chance to win! This candy looks amazing! For Valentine's Day this year I doubt we will do a whole lot because we are going to spend a weekend in Denver for my hubby's birthday which is just a week before. I guess it will be a kind of Valentine's Day celebration! :D


    P.S. I love to come to your blog and leave it open so that I can just listen to your music. Point of Grace is such a long-time favorite of mine! :)

  19. Congrats on the blogaversary!! My favorite v-day was when my boyfriend (now hubby) drove three hours to surprise me for dinner just to turn around and drive back to school for classes the next day :)
    Also, I have a little something for you on my blog :)

  20. Wow! Already time for a blogoversary! Congrats! My favorite thing about Valentines Day that I know will happen again this year, is the way my husband buys flowers for our daughter. She loves it and it makes her feel very grown up. -Mary R.

  21. super blog candy, thanks for the chance to win - for valentines day, not sure what the "plan" is for this year...but being w/my hubby is special enough.

  22. We exchange cards and a small gift and then have a special edible treat - which has yet to be chosen this year. We try to celebrate everything.


  23. Giovana, I just read your bio over at smARTworks ... I would just love to sit with you over a cup of cappacino and listen to the experiences you have had, and about the culture you grew up in! Blessings to you!

    I appreciate your challenge; you've inspired me to do something special for my hubby this year. I've been a bit of a drill sargeant lately, and I think this would be a good year to go beyond a card. Thank you!

  24. Hello! Brandy here from Paper Crafts magazine. Your blog is fabulous! Thanks for stopping by my little spot in blog land and feel free to come by again.

  25. Happy Blogoversary Miss Giovana! Congrats on your blog candy, it totally rocks!! I for sure have you linked on my site! And, I wanted to let you know that I have a challenge for you on my blog. Please check it out and do it! Please!!
    Love ya friend, Leslie

  26. We don't usually do too much on Valentines Day, sad eh? This year I return home from Florida on the 13th but I think we are going out for dinner on the 14th.
    Happy Blogoversary!

  27. Happy Blogoversary!!!! One of my favorite valentine memories is the year my dh bought a package of children's valentines. He wrote a love note on each valentine and a clue to finding the next valentine. The final valentine lead me to my gift. It was fun and romantic. : )

    Thanks for a chance at winning your yummy blog candy.

  28. I want participate too from spain.

  29. Giovana, I just wanted to let you know that I did post your blog candy before, but I forgot to hit save, so it is NOW posted on my right side candy bar. Hugs and love, Leslie

  30. Hi Giovana, What wonderful candy you are offering for your Blogoversary. Congratulations. You sound like a great Mom. For Valentines day hubby and I will just have a quiet day while remembering to appreciate each other more every day. Linda lsfouratwindstreamdotnet

  31. Happy Blogoversary! This Valentine's day, I will be in Daytona, Florida for the Daytona 500 -- FUN!

  32. Happy Blogversary and Happy Valentine's Day! What a great gift! I am so hooked on my cuttlebug (got it for Christmas) and am thoroughly enjoying what I can do with it.

    Love Valentine's Day as we make it a family day with our daughter and go out to dinner. Something healthy to offset all the chocolate she gets.


  33. Hi Giovana, this is lovely blog candy - thanks for the chance to win it!

  34. ... and I have linked to your candy on my blog in this post.

  35. Oh sorry, I forgot to tell you what my Valentine's day plans are! I have asked for NO flowers and NO chocolates this year... don't know if that will be remembered though... Instead, we are going out to eat get Sushi which is my favourite dish - looking forward to that! We will also exchange a card (haven't made mine yet...) and one little present each.

  36. Congratulations on your blogaversary! You've got a great blog, so inspirational and full of wonderful ideas.
    Valentines is usually a quiet one with a delicious meal! thanks for a chance at your giveaway.

  37. There's a post on the right bar! Thanks again for a gorgeous candy giveaway!

    Very nice candy!

    For St Valentine's Day I plan something special because it's also the day when me and my dear husband made first steps to our happiness! I think it will be a special dinner, a good movie and plenty of good surprises and gifts!

  39. Me again! :)
    Posted about your candy in my blog

  40. what a great chance to win this beautiful candy
    happy blogoversary, love your work!
    greetings from germany!

    I hae linked you in my sidebar!

    Well, and what do I like best at Valentine's day? Being pampered all day long *lol*

  41. Happy Blogoversary Giovana :-)))

    thanks for the chance to win this beautiful candy.......

    i link you in my sidebar.


  42. Great blog candy. Thanks for sharing.

  43. Happy blogoversary!! I have enjoyed reading your blog. Valentines day is usually dinner and a movie. My husband works nights and last year when I got up on valentines day he had set out 3 cards and gifts for the 3 of us! He always includes the kids.

  44. I am in LOVE with the stamps and papers that you are offering in your candy! I hope I am not too late to enter.
    On Valentines day I plan to make my hubby shrimp scampi and homemade cheesecake...his favorite!

  45. I spent the evening making stamped Valentine cards for my nieces and nephew, my parents and my new husband! Not sure what we'll do for Valentines day this year, but I'm sure it will be special because we got engaged on Valentines Day 2 years ago and this is our first as a married couple! Thanks for the chance to win this prize. The cat stamps are so cute and look just like my Bailey cat!

  46. I posted your candy on the About.Com Rubberstamping forum. here is the link!