Monday, August 11

Anni-VERVE-sary Sketch Challenges #6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11!!!!

Hi everyone, I spent my day trying to catch up with the Verve's Sketch Challenges. I tried to finish all today, but my DD had a little problem. Lately she has been telling me her eyes and throat are itchy, allergy problems I though, but today her allergies went from bad to worst, my poor little daughter drank orange juice and in 2 minutes her eyes were HUGE!!!, she started crying telling me something was inside, but nothing was inside, after a while trying to calm her down, she started feeling better. Her eyes still bigger than normal, but not to bad, I pray that tomorrow she can have her eyes back to normal, also she has a doctor's app. to see what is going on. Please pray for her.

Back to card business, I made 6 cards today, oh my I spent hours in my studio, DD was with me almost the whole time, she was making cards for daddy (as always, her hero :)

Here are my cards:

AVS06: I am so proud of you

AVS07: Congrats!!!
AVS08: Lovely and proud.
AVS09: ...a Friend is the most PRECIOUS. AVS10: Wishing you Success.
AVS11: to infinity and beyondI hope you like them.
Have a great night


  1. Awesome cards, Giovana! Love those butterflies!

    Chris xx

  2. Giovana, these are amazing! I don't think I could *ever* get six cards made in one day--and all beautiful too! I hope that your daughter's allergies get better soon!