Saturday, August 9

I am alive!!!!

Happy Saturday everyone!!!! I hope you are having a great day. I am sorry I've been MIA, last week we had VBS at church, we had around 60 - 70 kids each day, it was a really blessed time. I was teaching Crafts & Arts, I was amazed with every single kid's imagination. That's why I didn't have much time to stamp, in addition of that I was coming back home very tired, preparing the last minute details for my next day class and going to bed.
Last Tuesday my little daughter had a little accident, my DH was making "Pico de Gallo" and when he was chopping the hot peppers my daughter was carefully observing daddy, suddenly a little bit of hot pepper juice got into her eye, poor little one, she screamed so loud, I didn't know what was going on, I tried to calm her down and picked her up, and then I fell down with her, I protected her, but I scratched my elbow and hurt my knee. Happily she is doing fine now, her eye looks good and she is back talking non-stop everyday, LOL. I had a couple of days with really bad knee pain, but I am feeling good!!!
I made 2 cards for MFT Guest Designer Challenge. I am keeping my fingers crossed, I would love to be pick. The theme for this month was : "SUMMER/HOT" So here is my interpretation of the theme.

After a Hot Day: REEEELAX


I hope you like them.
Have a blessed day

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  1. Great cards, Giovana! I especially love the bath-time card! Great colours and design! Love the bubbles. hehe

    Chris xx