Saturday, July 19

I am still here

Hello everyone!!! I haven't forgotten all of you. I have been very busy doing a lot of yard work. We moved into this house last year (1.5 acres), our first house, we built the house, but no yard or grass or anything, just dirt!!! get the picture??? Last summer we got some grass in the back yard, but the front was only rocks, dirt and WEEDS!!! We borrowed our neighbor's tractor so we managed to keep the area clean, well at least no too much weeds. Sadly this year they came back, LOL, so I decided to do as much as I could, I pulled weeds every single day, you can not believe how tired I was (still am). Every single day I tried to stamp, but I was so tired I couldn't. I promise to stamp this coming week, I think I need a break.

Also my DD was sick (or better say she still is), she wanted mommy only, runny nose and coughing have been bothering her, poor little girl, she is feeling better now, but only 75%, she asked today to go to bed and take a nap (she never does that, I sent her anyway). She slept for almost 2 hours, at least she is eating good, well she always eats good :)

Last Thursday we went to pick up blueberries. A couple from church owns the Naches blueberry farm : , Rebecca had a lot of fun, of course I forgot my camera {insert sad face} so maybe next time I will take pictures of her picking berries. We picked 10 1/2 pounds!! That's a lot for the 3 of us. I have 3 bags in the freezer. Blueberries for long time.
Tomorrow (Sunday 20th) is my 6th Wedding Anniversary, so in celebration of my Anniversary I decided to make a "Blueberry Pie", LOL. This is my first time baking a pie. I tried to keep the pie until tomorrow, but Rebecca really wanted to try a piece tonight, so I cut it. (Tomorrow I will show the Anniversary Card I made for DH)

Here some pictures of my pie, I am so proud of myself, LOL

My yummy Blueberry Pie

Becca wanting to eat a piece a yummy pie

Have a great and blessed night

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