Friday, June 6

Where I have been

Hello everybody. Well, I have been absent for blogging and I missed creating and sharing with you.
Wednesday, I had my heart stress test, it was very good, but after that I was really tired and with no energy to create. After my appoinment I went to the library and Rebecca picked up a lot of new books. After that, we came back home, ate lunch and then everybody took a nap. I usually don't do that, but I needed.

Thursday. I was mojo-less, :( I didn't thouch an piece of paper, card stock neither ink, OH MY!!!! I spent time playing with my daughter, we enjoyed that very much.

Friday, I decided to open a store and sell my cards, so you can buy now my creations. I added a link, you can see it above my picture. I need money to buy more materials, LOL. Check my store here Believe Store

I hope my mojo comes back soon, tomorrow we will attend our Pastor's daughter wedding, so maybe I won't create tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!!!
God bless you all.

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  1. Well, I hope you're doing better and feeling well rested and got your Mojo back. I definitely know those mojoless days lately!! :D

    HUGS for you!! :D