Wednesday, June 25

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by my friend Shelly (Jaspere on SCS). First time playing this, so here I go:

Name 5 things that I do for myself
1. I love making cards !!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Spend some time on my blog, updating and creating new cards.
3. Check out friends blogs.
4. Watch TV (well sometimes napping instead of watching, LOL)
5. Drink a good cup of coffee.

Name 5 kind things I do for friends, my children or partner:
1. Get up very early (4:30 am) to make hubby's breakfast and pack his lunch box.
2. Playing with DD outside and inside.
3. Read tons of books to my DD
4. Teach DD Spanish.
5. Send friends and family cards.

Name 5 kind things I've done for a strangers:
1. Pay for their medicines.
2. Send cards to people I never met in person, but they really needed a cheer up.
3. Gave up my bus seat to someone who needed it more.
4. Visit patients and stay with them, just as a friend not as a doctor.
5. Buy a meal for a child in need.

Name 5 hobbies I enjoy:
1. Making cards.
2. Cross stiching.
3. Dancing
4. Taking pictures
5. Going to the beach and enjoy the moment.

Now I will pass this on to:
1.- Jennifer:
2.- Melissa:
3.- Heather:

Have a blessed day

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