Tuesday, May 25


Hello my friends, I hope you all are having a great day. I don't have a card for you today, here has been a little bit crazy. First, we had a mouse in our house and I did freak out. I don't like those critters at all. Then my daughter started feeling sick, she is complaining her throat hurts, she can scream loud, so I don't think it is an infection, but just in case I need to keep an eye on her and I wasn't feeling too motivated to stamp or do anything. I am still working on my garden when the weather allows me to, but other than that I think the cloudy days are affecting my mojo.

Anyways, yesterday I received a card from Theresa Momber, Yess!!!!! She does such a beautiful work. I got this card from a new thread on Stamp TV called " Send a card, Receive a Card", it is fun and I think it's always good to receive a beautiful handmade artwork.
So, here is the card Theresa sent me:

I hope I can get some stamping time tonight.
Have a blessed day!


  1. Awww...how sweet of Theresa! Your card is gorgeous, Giovana, and you are very deserving. Hope that your daughter feels better soon, and UGH...I hate those mice!!! UGH.... They are cute on cards, but that's my mouse limit! UGH! Have a good night.

  2. What a beautiful card. That would brighten up anyone's day.