Sunday, December 14

Some random news

Hello everyone, just in case you are wondering where I have been, well, let me tell you these last days have been crazy and busy and I am still alive. We have been praying for snow and we finally got it, yesterday we had snow for hours, my DD was so excited and happy!!! To be honest I was very happy too, my yard doesn't look too bad when everything is just white, LOL. The temperature dropped so fast that it wasn't funny anymore. This morning when we were ready to go to church it was only 18F, I was horrify. I have learned how to deal with the cold weather (because in Lima, Peru we don't have this temperatures), but today was the worst day I think. In addition of that, the wind was so strong that made it worst. After church we went to Costco and then to Walmart, after that I got a horrible headache, I came home and took a nap, didn't help much. Tonight we expect -2F, so I am not planning to go anywhere, too cold!!!

The last three days I haven't felt very good. I have a horrible pain in my upper tummy. I can hardly eat, and if I eat something I go to the bathroom to throw up. I will go to the doctor tomorrow and I hope this is nothing bad. A lady form church told me maybe is my gall bladder, I hope not. (This sounds funny, but all my sisters and aunts have had theirs removed)

I hope tomorrow I can finish the projects I started few days ago.
Thanks so much for stopping by.

God bless


  1. Well wishes for you, Giovana. I hope you feel better. I miss you in blogging.

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon! I have had my gall bladder out! felt much better once it was out! good luck! hugz

  3. I hope you find out soon what's going on and that it's nothing serious! HUGS!