Saturday, December 27

Hello everybody!!!

Hello!! I hope you all had a great Christmas. We did have a great time together. On Christmas Eve we went to church and sang some Christmas Carols, we enjoyed the little kids choir, it was a really fun time looking at them singing, of course some of them they were looking for their parents or just looking around.
On Christmas Day, Rebecca got up at 7:15 as I told her night before, she told me that she wanted to open present after breakfast so that's what we did.
I have been spending time with my family and playing UNO with Becca, I think from all the presents she got the UNO game is her favorite, LOL.
We have played outside too, this was not too much fun for me because here has been REALLY COLD!!! but kids don't care about that, when she was playing in the snow I was shoveling snow, LOL.
Anyway, my MOJO has been taking a break too, I hope is back tomorrow so I can post something here.

Rebecca posing before starting playing in the snow

Me and my good friend Amy !!! Christmas Party, Cle ELum, WA 2008

I hardly post pictures of me, maybe because I am not photogenic and I prefer to post my cards, LOL. My family was invited to the Christmas party in Cle ELum, we lived there before we moved to Yakima, we were so glad to see our old friends, Thanks Amy for the invitation!!!

I am not posting my Christmas pictures because we all were wearing PJ, LOL.

Thanks so much for stopping by and stay tune because my Blogaversary is coming.

God bless

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