Thursday, August 25

A different kind of craft

Hello everyone! Today I am here with a cool post. I have to say the metallic tape is not only fantastic for your cool paper craft projects, but also works great on your nails! I don't do my nails very often cause I work with kids, but I decided to give the tape a chance to show on my nails and I love it!!

Here are few pictures of the process {wink, wink}

I started painting my nails navy blue, well the actual name is "I cast a spell on blue" by Jenna Hipp (I borrowed it from my daughter's collection)

Then, I cut stripes of 1/16" gold metallic tape and added them to my nails, I skipped the thumb, for a different look ;)

Trimmed all the excess from both sides and you have pretty nails! After that I added a coat of Top Coat for extra strength and durability.

Hope you like it and give it a try!
See ya next time

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