Sunday, April 29

Pretty birds!

Hello!! I hope your Sunday is great, I usually don't post on Sundays, but today I really want to show something I just discovered yesterday, well kind of. In the last five years, every Spring we have a killdeer couple, who makes their nest in our rocky land. Our front yard is still virgin "aka weeds, rocks and other nature stuff", we tried to keep it clean as much as we can, but weeds sometimes win. Anyways, killdeers love to make their nests on the ground. The last 2 weeks or so I've seen "mama and papa" being super protective and loud anytime I opened my front door (These birds are VERY LOUD), so yesterday I was leaving the house and getting into the car and my husband said" Look at those babies!" My daughter really wanted to jump out of the card and chase the babies, LOL. We decided to go, run errands and try a picture later. But after we came back home, we all were tired and ready for a nap, and honestly I forgot about the new little ones.
So this morning before going to church, I caught some pictures of the babies and the mama from inside the house.

Here they are:
Can you see those feathers? They are so fluffy :)

This little one was just looking at me :)

Mama keeping an eye to the little ones.

Hope your Sunday is great!!
God bless.


  1. I like photography, and am a Flickr fanatic. Your photos are so sweet, and how big a blessing that is, to see these little ones in your yard. Thank you for sharing that "Ah" moment with us.


  2. Isn't bird watching fun.Glad you could get pix of some of the family.

  3. Giovana, I just love killdeer! They made nests on the {prior} dirt road I used to live on {thank goodness I was at the end of the road}.
    Your cards are totally awesome and these stamps are a must have! Great job!