Friday, January 27

Mojo, mojo, where are you?

Hello my friends! First, I want to thank all of you who made a comment or sent me e-mails about my daughter's health. She is doing a lot better, she is coughing, but no fever or pain, so that makes me feel much better.
Yesterday, she went back to school and I cleaned and disinfected my house. I do that anytime anybody gets sick here. :)
I also cleaned and organized my craft room, I just needed a little kick so my mojo could flow, but it didn't. After that I was so tired that I rested all night. Today, my craft room still nice and organized, I haven't been able to do anything, so sad.

Here is a picture of my room with the before and after picture.


I will try to create something tonight.
Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Giovanna: The first pix looks like my craft room looks like right now and the second is what it should look like. Glad to know you make as big a mess as I do when you are creating. A mess is a good thing!

  2. So happy your daughter is better! When their sick I think we are sick inside as well. I am In the process of trying to redo my craft room and wow what a job that is!!
    Take special care.

  3. So glad to hear that your daughter is feeling better.
    Your "before" picture is so much better than what my picture would look like right now. It always feels great to get everything tidied and shipshape to start again. I know you will come up with something breathtaking as usual Giovanna.

  4. Hola Giovana, me cuesta un poco el ingles pero mas o menos lo entiendo, y como siempre ando de prisa pues por eso no lo traduzco con el google, pero que bueno que tu hijita ya se encuentre mejor de salud y que no era nada serio, gracias a Dios por ello, porque ya te devolvio tu gozo.

    En cuanto a la tarjetas, siempre tan bellas, me encanta tu estilo como sobrio y con elegancia.

    Y tu scraproom esta bellisimo aun con todo y el desorden, pero el fenomeno es que a pesar del dedorden tenemos un orden porque sabemos donde hemos dejado cada cosa... :D, pero igual no hay nada como un lugar bien ordenadito, porque dan mas ganas de sentarse a a trabajar, aunque a la primera tarjeta volvemos a dejar el mismo desorden, pero es parte del placer de crear tarjetas.

    Bendiciones Giovana, y siempre quedo al pendiente de ver las cosas hermosas que haces.
    Flor DToscana.
    Saludos de El Salvador.

  5. I love the before and after pics! Love to see how other crafty gals work:) I chuckled about your chair...LOVE it...I sit on an ottoman'ish thing since I always sit on the edge of my chairs..

  6. man, I need to organize my craft room badly...hubby needs to bring some of my cabinets over so I can put all my stuff up right! This looks fantastic, sweetie!

  7. Love the before & after pics! My room currently looks like the 'before' one LOL! I've taken to working in other rooms until I finish cleaning it up.