Tuesday, March 16

Crochet flowers for sale!

ETA: All flowers are sold!! Thanks so much! I will make more and let you know, if you want any especific color, let me know, maybe I have it!!
Hello my friends, I feel I haven't posted in years, LOL, but I have been really sick at the point the only I did was laying in bed or on the couch. Yesterday I went to the doctor and I have a triple infection, now I am taking antibiotics and I just starting feeling much better. SO, in my laying moments I started making some crochet flowers, if anybody is interested I am selling a package of 10 flowers for only $4.00. and 9 different colors to choose from! (S+H=$1.00 in the USA only)
In case you want to buy one, please e-mail at: giovanachavez AT msn DOT com, "Crochet flowers" in the subject line.


Baby Yellow



Light Pink

Light Blue

Dark Pink


Thanks so much.
God bless

ETA: Sorry if I caused a confusion about the packages, each package contains 10 flowers , all of the same color, 5 large and 5 small. I am not combinig colors, in case you would like especific colors "mix", let me know and I will make some for you. Also, this time I am selling this only in the Continental USA.


  1. Oh! So pretty flowers. I'd like to knitt the such :) Where can i find the sceme of these flowers?

  2. Are you still making these beautiful flowers? If so then I'd love to buy some! Please email me at fancydancycrafts@cox.net