Thursday, March 12

No cards today

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing great. I don't have a card for you today, my mojo took a trip to somewhere land, LOL. Tomorrow I promise to post something for you. In case you wonder how DD is doing today, well let me tell you, she slept all night, she is not coughing much, but still sick, she has had a couple of bad cough crisis and I felt the pain any time she was in the bathroom, poor baby. Yesterday I took her to the doctor, and her Dx is Upper Respiratory Infection, so she is taking antibiotics now and other medicines to relieve her coughing. Yesterday she run a fever all day, thank God she didn't today, so it is a big relieve for me.

If you stop by and leave her a message I will read it to her, she loves when she gets real mail and I think a word from you will make her happy :)

Have a great and healthy day.
God bless


  1. Hello Rebecca,
    I'm so sorry you have been so sick. I know that it is not fun at all & there are things you would rather be doing. I hope you will be well soon & able to run & play outside. Get lots of rest & be sure to take your medicine so you will feel better. - from Peggy

  2. Oh little Rebecca! It's no fun to be sick, is it?
    I hope you are feeling way better today. My 9 grandkids get sick sometimes too. Here's a BIG HUG! (-------------HUG--------------)

  3. Hi Rebecca, Your Mom visited my blog and I wanted to let her know how grateful I am for her kind words. I do hope you are feeling better little one, I also want you to know I believe you have a super special Mom! hugs to both of you *~*

  4. HI Becca!! Mom told us you were sick this week!! I hope your medicine is helping you feel better! Mom worries about you when you are sick, so I know she is happy you are getting better!! Maybe if you make a card with Mom you will both feel better? Have a good weekend, Sweetie...