Monday, March 30

Hello my friends!

Hello everyone, are you having a good day?? I hope so. I have been very busy lately, just after I took my few days off, my husband broke his toe, he thought he would be fine, but it wasn't the case, day after that he went to the doctor and it wasa confirmation of a broken toe in 3 parts, like a butterfly , auchhh!!! he has been home since then (tomorrow 2 weeks) and he is back to work tomorrow morning. His toe still not good, I touched it yesterday and I could feel the broken part, not a good feeling.
Then after that I had a Birthday party for DD and DH, everything was great!! We had few people coming over and celebrating the brithdays with us. DD had a lot of fun and ended up so exhausted she feel asleep on the couch, it was kind of cute to see her there, of course I took a picture, great for a scrapbook page, hmmm I don't scrapbook, LOL.

I have created few cards that I haven't taken pictures yet, why??? because my right hand has been inflamated, well not my whole hand, just my middle finger, the pain was really intense. I cut a couple of images and afterthat I started having the pain, I am a right hand person, so it has been really difficult to do my stuff around the house and also create!!

I will be back with some projects to show. I hope you come back.

Have a great day!!

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  1. Yikes! Lots of things going on in your little family. Hang in there. My Mom used to say, "This too will pass."
    Happy birthday to DH and DD. Will you share that photo?