Monday, May 12

A Belated Happy Mother's Day and an E.R. visit

Hello everyone,
I hope you all are having a great day. For all you moms , "Happy Mother's Day".
I spent the weekend with my in-laws, I had a great Mother's Day, but my health problems continued. Yesterday, in our way back home, after almost 4 hours driving, I started feeling really bad. a lot of chest pain, short of breath, I got in panic. I went to the ER and spent almost 7 hours there. I had all the test done you can imagine.
Almost 1 am, they released me, I am not feeling good still, but better than yesterday. I have to take everything easy. This morning I went to visit my regular doctor and he changed my asthma medication again and also I will have a Heart stress test done this week.

I hope everything goes right.
I will be back tomorrow, I hope I feel better.

God bless you all and thanks for visiting me.



  1. I sure hope you are feeling better! I will keep you in my thoughts!

  2. Giovana, I really hope all is well and that your test comes back with everything being ok. You are in my thoughts and prayers...miss you blogging friend!