Tuesday, August 22

Hello, I am back!

Hello everyone! How is everybody doing? As you can see, my posts for the last month were just few, well, I went on vacation for a whole month to my beautiful Peru! It was really nice to see their faces again after more than 12 years. I had the most amazing time with my family, I ate all the food I can't get/find here in the US, I enjoyed the long talks and stayed up until late. It was hard to leave, but I am already planning my next trip, hopefully soon.

We came back last Tuesday, but I had to deal with laundry, yard work, unpacking (goodness!!) and work!! I am working on new projects for upcoming releases plus a couple of fun blog hops!

So, now you know why my post were just few, sharing with you few of the many pictures I have from my trip. (I survived with cellphone pictures, my beautiful Nikon had an accident and now it's resting in peace, but don't worry, I already got a new camera, it is a Canon and I love it!)

Have an amazing day!!

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