Thursday, January 21

My new craft area

Hello my friends, I just took some pictures of my "new craft area". We have divided our office in half, half is the office and the other half is my craft area. I haven't finished moving all my stuff yet, but I have some pictures to share with you. Just in case, I bought all the craft storage at Michael's and I spent only $134.00!!! (This price doesn't include the embellishment center, I got that for my birthday last Nov.) All the craft storage units are on 50% off! It was a great deal. I think I will wait until next sale and buy more units. :)

Anyway, here is my new and remodeled craft area.
Hope you like it.

Don't forget about the Blog Candy, I will post the picture of it later.


  1. Very nice! The cubes are so useful to organize. And you have everything close by so you can grab most anything as needed.
    I am jealous...

  2. WOW! Well done Giovana! I love your scrap area so neat and organized. TFS!
    Have a great day!

  3. Looks so good, Giovana! And golly, you are so neat and tidy!!! My room is always a mess! I have such good intentions... Proud for you, sweetie - looks great!

  4. Это комната мечта...
    Для большенства Русских скрап-леди .
    Очень уютно и не перегруженно, всё под рукой и располагает к творчеству.

  5. I am very jealous of your tidy work area. It looks lovely! I wonder did you get the wall organizer that holds ribbons at Micheals too, or is that the embellishment organizer from your birthday? Do you know who sells them?